Monday, January 7, 2008

4th possibility for David Scotts Moonwalking Waltham...

One of the things that has been of interest to watch collects, particularly those who also share an interest in Space exploration is the question of which Waltham Chronograph Astronaut David Scott wore on the Moon during EVA-3 of the Apollo 15 mission.

In the past, I've purchased a pair of Waltham chronographs, which seem to fit the general description of a watch which "I used my backup Waltham watch (which was) of a similar type [to the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph]":

and D. Lee Brandt purchased and sent me pictures of another possible candidate for Mr. Scott's Chronograph:

Olaf Oldigs from Germany contacted me with news that he had purchased another Waltham chronograph which he felt might be another Candidate but asked me to refrain from posting pictures until he had the time to have the watch serviced and detailed. Over the weekend he send me the following photographs [click through for enlargements]:

Personally, I think this is the most handsome candidate I've seen so far. Looks a little more rugged than my "Carrera"Styled example [second from the top] above, but not as bulky as the top most example of mine.

Thanks to Olaf for his interest and permission to post his pictures.

Anyone else have an interesting candidate to nominate? I'd love to see them!

-- Chuck

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