Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ocean7 to bring Ploplof Homage to market in February...

Ocean7 to bring Ploplof Homageto market in February...

Did you miss out on getting a PloPlof for your collection because of the Omegamania price bump? Dispair that you'll never be able to afford such a watch? Well there may be an alternative...

I just had a long phone conversation with David Greenspan [who many old time TimeZone Omega Forum regulars will remember ] and he pointed out to me the Ocean7 watch company's website:

In addition to a number of very interesting current offerings, it appears they will be producing a Homage to the Omega Ploplof in February:

This is a good news/bad news situation... It's good news to those who'd genuinely be interested in owning a PloProf Homage watch, it's bad news to collectors as it's likely that the unscrupulous may well use this watch as the basis for a reasonably convincing fake.

Details as well as an interesting line of other watches on the Ocean7 Watches website.

-- Chuck

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