Monday, April 30, 2007

Breitling Navitimer Instructions posted:

Bill Sohne purchased a vintage Breitling AOPA Navitimer 806 recently, and fortunately for all of us, it came with an instruction manual for how to use the slide rule. Bill was kind enough to scan in the manual and email them to me for presentation and the utility of "Whiz Wheel" fans everywhere:

[click on graphic above to open instruction page in new window.]

Thanks Bill for making this possible for the Internet watch collecting community!

-- Chuck

Monday, April 23, 2007

Omega Chronograph Dimensions page updated...

Section added to "Omega Chronograph Dimensions" Tables/page...

At the behest of Steve Waddington, moderator at Chronocentric's ZOWIE Omega Discussion Forum and all around good guy, I've added a new section on my “Dimensions of Selected Omega Chronographs...” page...

Steve mentioned to me that he often used that page as a quick look-up when people were asking about a or a and it'd be really handy to add a reference to the 176.001 card and discussion we had in C/ZOWIE last week.

A "scrunched" version of this table looks something like this:

Known/Documented Omega Prototypes [NOTE: These were...]
Circa Year:

Alaska Project/211

Mercury Hands @ Eric So, Lot 211


c.1040 Prototype

Thread, Archive, Data Card


c.1045 Prototype

Unreleased model

11 103

"FIFA Referee"

eBay Archive: 1 2 2a 3 Lot 276

Note: Alaska project is assumed to have the same dimensions as a 145.022 save for ... .

I'll be contacting the fellow who purchased a FIFA Referee Chronograph last month and asking him for dimensions of his 11 103 FIFA and updating this table as other prototypes become documented.

Cheers and Enjoy!

-- Chuck